Hidden Away: Chapter 16- News Has Spread



“Guys, I swear I saw a girl,

She was laying in the sand.”

They all laughed.


They didn’t believe any of my words.

Their leader,

I cannot be mistaken.


“Peter is right. I saw her this morning.

She was gone within an hour.”


James must’ve helped her.

That little speck of gold,

She must’ve been so frightened here.


“Wow, we haven’t had a girl here since-”

“Wendy Darling,” I breathed.



Hidden Away: Chapter 15- How Long Has it Been?



“How long have you been a captain?”

I feel my lips

Form into a smile.


“A few years.

I’ve never felt so alive.

My crew,

My friends,

We’ve been in search for a chest

Full of gold,

For too long.

Supposedly it’s on this island.


But we’ve searched the perimeter.



Has it been long?


It has.

We’ve been on a mission,

Still haven’t achieved.

Maybe Golden Girl

Can help us.

An extra pair of eyes.

Those forest green


I’m lost in them.

I don’t think I’ll ever

Be found.



Hidden Away: Chapter 13- Warm Porridge



“Thanks, James.

You don’t..have to do this.”

“Willow, we haven’t had a guest

In ages!

I can’t remember the last time we had

A girl on our shores.”

Warm porridge,

Has never tasted so good.

Maybe after a shipwreck

Everything tastes wonderful

And smells divine.

Warm porridge,

Thank you, James.

Thank you, Captain.



Hidden Away: Chapter 12-Welcome to My Ship



“Gentlemen, we have a guest.”

All of the crew

Gathered around,

Dirt smudged across their foreheads,

A stench only an animal could stand,

Or a pirate.

Like me.

“Willow, here’s my crew,

My friends actually.

No one was willing to work for free”

The boys erupted in chuckles.

“Where did you come

From?” one shouted.

“A cruise…the boat sank.

I don’t really know..how out here.”

She looked like she would burst into tears.

“Willow, let’s get you some water.

We have some leftover porridge from

Last night.”

Welcome to my ship,

Golden Girl,

I hope can stay.

Maybe we’ll travel the seas



Just maybe.


Hidden Away: Chapter 11- Pirates, Too Many Pirates



“You didn’t see her?”


“I’m sorry.”

He was only about,


Yet a captain.

A young boy,

But a sailor,

With his own ship.

“Come with me.”


I turn back.

How can I trust him?

Well, I guess he’s

The only one around.


“Okay, what’s your name?”


“James Hook at your service.”



Hidden Away: Chapter 10- Golden Girl



She seemed at peace.

She must’ve swam far.

I check her pulse.

I give her breath.

She coughs.

“Are you okay?

What’s your name?”

“Willow, my name is Willow.

Where am I?”

“Why, you’re in Neverland of course.

Come here,

Take my hand.

I can help you.

My ship, we have food and water.”

“Where’s my mom?”


“Your mom?

I’m sorry,

You’re the only one here.

Did she come with you?”

The golden girl,

She’s weak,

Her eyes full of tears.

Drowning with tears.

“Our cruise, we were on a cruise.

The boats sank.

I don’t know where she went.

I fell into the water.”

Golden girl,

Lost at sea,

She must’ve been


Poor golden hair girl,

Her world torn in two.


Hidden Away-Chapter 9: Silence For Miles



The crash of waves,

Silence for miles,

The wind smacking my face,

The world finally at peace.

Silence for miles,


“Sir, there’s something washed up on shore!”

I look out at the port.

A girl,

Sparkling blonde hair.

Her eyes were closed.

It didn’t look like she was breathing.


Pull the Jolly Roger towards shore.

She needs help.”