Apprentice Mistake by Owen Tyler- Short Story Review

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It is officially my first day of spring break. This entire week I do not have any classes and I’m planning on catching up on reading and of course I have to work. So that is the plan for the next few days…let’s get right into this blog post!

I had the honor of working with Book Tasters once again to read the short story Apprentice Mistake by the lovely Owen Tyler. So grab yourself a cup of tea or any hot beverage and enjoy this review. 🙂


Teslanar, a recently graduated college student at a magical college, has received a apprenticeship helping the head of sorcerers at the college he graduated from. While he was looking out of the window admiring the flowers, he goes outside to see that the gardener has gone missing. An explosion from no other than a powerful dragon. Teslanar must take care of this dragon, but he doesn’t have to knowledge to do so. What could possibly go wrong?


Let me just say that I don’t read many short stories whether that be stand alone or a collection of short stories. This story has made me want to read more short stories.

I was constantly at the edge of my seat. Would Teslanar be able to take on the dragon himself?

The ending was great too. I definitely wasn’t expecting that. Oh my gosh.

I love how descriptive and gripping this story was. Tyler did a great job of describing Teslanar’s high fantasy world as if we were experiencing it ourselves. I wish I could write that to be completely honest.

There wasn’t a lot of dialogue which I was a little disappointed. I didn’t think that Teslanar would fight the dragon with little dialogue. Shouldn’t he try to lure the dragon away with something? I’m not sure, but I felt like it was sort of missing dialogue.

I was very happy with how well plotted out the story was and how well structured it was. Tyler got his message across.

Overall I thought the story was great and fans of sci-fi and magical elements will definitely enjoy this short story.


I hope you all have a wonderful week and I’ll be blogging at you soon.

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The Rain Came Back- a poem

I have you

to blame for the wind

hitting my window

and soon the dewdrops

would burn

my cheeks.

They say you can’t

undo the past but I’m trying

to mend my salt sprinkled wounds.


She has no reason to cry.

She has your heart.

A wounded foal

but she stands

while I’m the one stuck in the rain.


I didn’t need the rain

but it seems that it never left.


A Dream Come True by Jeryn Alise Turner- Book Review

Hi, everyone!

Happy Thursday! I hope you are all doing well.

For today’s review I teamed up with Booktasters to read this very special book.


A mother and daughter (protagonists are left unnamed) travel to Peru for the mother’s birthday celebration. The story follows their physical and emotional journey through Peru and the mother explains to the daughter many life lessons, one by one.


Ugh this book is so heartwarming. It was so pure and genuine.

The writing was very detailed. I like to compare Turner’s writing as pointillism. She described every single detail in each scene with care.

I love the strong mother-daughter relationship and the lessons the mother gives to the daughter.

This story brings forth the importance of having strong relationships in your life and having a guardian whether they be a relative or a friend, you must have people to help you through life trouble’s and just life in general.

If this story doesn’t make you want to call your mom or any other relative, I have no idea what will.

Overall I enjoyed this story. The only thing that I didn’t enjoy was the format of the dialogue. Instead of a normal piece of dialogue such as “This book was so heartwarming,” said Hannah, it would say Hannah says to readers, “This book was so heartwarming. That’s just my personal preference.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you all are doing well and I will be back with another book review next Monday.

Until Monday,

Hannah the bookworm


Last Words- a poem

I’ll make them quick

because it seems

to me

you don’t care

if all those

tears in my coffee

cups are yours

and you only know

how and why you made

me cry.


Though I try to hide

in the dark.

it’s your eyes that

still meet mine.

You see me out

of everyone in the


but then you

finish that song.

Your voice

never leaves my head

and I hope

these last words

echo in your mind.


I hope they echo in your mind

all throughout the night.


Hidden Away: Chapter 41- Going Home



We left twenty

Minutes after





James isn’t

Coming with.

I thought

After all this time

And the help

We gave each other

He’d at least

Be there


We got back to my


I guess I have to let

Those memories


And once

I get home.

I’ll repair

What I’ve lost.


She must’ve

Been worried


She moved

In with us

After grandpa


And around

The same

Time dad left.

How could I let

Any of this happen?

“When did you

Meet Wendy?”

I asked,


The silence

That enveloped

Us for hours.

“She arrived

On our shores

About two

Years ago.

She was soaking wet,



She was in a boating

Accident quite like


But she and

Her family

All survived.

Her family

Arrived on an island

Nearby ours.

Once they arrived

On our island

They took her


It was expected.

That wasn’t until

Maybe a year

Of living with


The guys,

And I.

I have a picture

Of her,

Would you like to see?”


“Of course,”

I smiled brightly.

The way

They made her

Out to be

Wendy must’ve been


“Here she is.

Zander had

An old



With him.

I don’t know if

It was his or

One of of

Father’s old



The world

Seemed to stop.

That wasn’t



Wasn’t Wendy

At all.


My cousin Alice.



Hidden Away: Chapter 40- Muffled Voices and Screams


“She’s not my girlfriend!”

I could just


Make out

From above,

In the tree house.

He’s probably

Talking about

Wendy again.

“You wish she was!”

“How do you know?

I’m just helping her.

Once, she gets back on

Her feet

We’ll send her home.”

Send her home?


They’re talking

About me.

Send me home?
What am I

A package?

A child?

A dog?

“You know what,


Maybe I did like


I don’t know

If I still do.

I just wish

That this

Whole search


Speed up

A bit.”

“What do you expect,


This expedition

To last five minutes?”

“No, I just thought

Instead of four

Years maybe

Four months



“You know what?

If I’m such a

Distraction then

I can leave.

I’ll go find

Out how the


To get home.

I’m sorry,

Peter and James,

But you leave

Me no choice.”

I shouted from the


I was mad.

I was irate.

I’m done.

All of their


Mostly stirred

By my presence.

I don’t want

Them to

Fight anymore.

I don’t want

To be the



An argument




Until one


Starts a fire.





“I’m sorry,”

I interrupted him

And began to climb

Down the steps.


By one






Until I hit

The ground.

I stopped.

James said

He liked me.

How could I


How could

I distract

Him even


“Can you take me home?”

I asked Peter.

I made sure

To ask Peter.

I didn’t want

To break James’


I didn’t know

What else to do.


I’m going home.

I want to see my mom.

I want to see


My pet rabbit.

I just want to

Go home.


Take the

Row boat.

James grab

The map.”


Hi, guys! I just got back from a journalism conference in Long Beach. It was amazing! We flew into LAX so that was a fun experience just on it’s own.

The first day once we got to the hotel and settled in a bit we went site seeing around the area. The next day we did some more site seeing and went on a boat tour. We had our first workshop and they talked to us about how to properly merge words and pictures together. The next two days were completely full of workshops and you guessed it, more workshops.

Most of the workshops I went to were about entertainment writing, how to grab your reader, and making your story worth reading. All of these workshops got me way more interested in journalism. Some of you know that I’m the scene editor (which is basically the entertainment editor) for my college newspaper. I originally wanted to pursue a career in publishing/editing or even being a literary agent. With all of the learning I did at the conference, I want to now pursue a career in journalism or even writing for a magazine.

It was sad to leave Long Beach but it’s good to be back home and get back to the old grind.

In other news, my mom met someone who said they’d love for me to intern at the magazine that she works at. They either want me to blog or just intern. I thought that was an amazing opportunity. I’m planning on contacting her tomorrow.

I hope you all are doing well and I’ll talk to you soon,

Keep reading my friends,

Hannah the bookworm


Hidden Away: Chapter 39- Who Can it Be?



Who else on this

Island has

Golden hair

And green eyes?


Nobody with

The exact

Same combination.

Willow has

To be some

Sort of sign!”

I shouted.

I wanted

To scream

Into a dark



Why don’t

You go lie down?

You seem a little


Zander suggested.

“No, I will not

Lie down.

I’m tired

Of arguing about


I’m tired

Of searching



Without any


Or directions.

We’ve hit dead ends

More than

We’ve gotten answers,

Way more

Dead ends!!!!


Do you have any idea

What this could mean?”

Silence again.

A forced silence.

Peter rose

To his feet.

“I need some air.”

“Peter, no,

We need to figure

This out.”

Zander and Little Paul

Both pleaded.

“I’ll only be

A minute,”

Peter muttered.

“Me too,”

James groaned.


“You really have no

Sympathy for dad,

Do you James?”

“I have no sympathy?


I’ve been doing

All the



You’ve been

Pining for


Just waiting

For her to come


“That is so not true.

I’m the one

Who found Wendy,

Who used her as

A resource to

Find dad’s letter.

I even found

Dad’s other letter

In that stupid atlas.

What have you

Been doing




With your girlfriend,


“She’s not my girlfriend!”