Hidden Away-Chapter 8: Sharkbait



I couldn’t feel my arms.

The water numbed every fiber

Of my skin,

Or so I thought.


A fin,

Just behind the sinking boat.

All of those souls

They never got to see the sunlight

The next morning.


I was sharkbait.

It swam a little closer

And I sprinted to safety.

Land was ahead.

I didn’t think the cruise would stop here.


I was sharkbait sprinting

Away from the predator.

I reached sand

Never did it feel so nice

Between my toes.

And then everything went black.

Darkness became of me.


Hidden Away-Chapter 7: Ice Cold, Burning Hot



I spun in circles, it seems,

The water bashed like rapids

Into my face,

The water ice cold

Yet somehow also a burning sensation

Against my flushed cheeks,

A tingle,

A shock.



Hidden Away-Chapter 6: Just Hold On






And shoving.

Complete chaos.

“Just hold on!”

My mom screamed

And we plunged into

The water.

All I remember was

Her finger slipping from my

Grip and these words.

“Just hold on!”


Hey, guys. Long time since I actually talked to you outside my chapter posts. I hope you have been enjoying Hidden Away so far. I’m still working on the second book and I have a major case of writer’s block. I’m currently working on a retelling in hopes that my writer’s block will soon evaporate.

How have you all been? What’s new with you? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you all are doing well. I’ll be back with another mini update on Thursday. Stay tuned for chapter 7.

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Hidden Away-Chapter 5: The Shipwreck



There was a storm the next night.

Thunder crashed,

And lightning lit up the midnight sky.


The light rain turned to a

Hailing downfall.

I awoke to the sound of something

Like a fire alarm.


My mom shook me awake.

“Willow, we need to get out of here!

The ship is overflowing

With water!”

We ran,

We followed the other passengers,



The boat was beginning to tip.



Hidden Away-Chapter 4: A Little Island



In dreams I used to play

In the sand on this island.

A little island abandoned and quiet,

Out of everyone’s sight.

The dreams became recurring

To the point I called the island

My second home.

The island seemed to whisper

My name.


Come and play….


Hidden Away-Chapter 3: Seasickness



Boats make me sick.

Boats make me dizzy,

My face is pale as

A ghost.

Everyone knows

That they don’t exist.

At least they aren’t

In my nightmares.

(You’d think I would

Be scared of them as well.)


I mostly dream

About drowning

Or falling.

Something that startles

Me enough

To make

Me scream when I wake.


There is a constant banging

That leaks into my dreams,

But they’re just waves

Crashing into the ship

Smacking against the window.


You can hear a slight buzz

Of music from further

Down the hall.

You can tell,

I cannot fall asleep.

Those noises

Keep me awake.



I think she regrets

Going on this cruise,

What seemed to be

Therapeutic turned into

A nightmare worse than my own.


Hidden Away-Chapter 2: Long Summer Days


Dad said he needed a new life.

He bought his plane ticket

And never returned.

We don’t know where he went.


I burned the pictures of him and

All the letters he wrote.


I threw away everything

He gave to me.

Besides the smile

He brought to my lips.


On long summer days,

We used to play in the park,

Ribbons in my hair,

And stains on my jeans.


The long summer days

Seem so far,

Then the following summer

He was gone by morning.