Hidden Away: Chapter 36- Visions, Memories, What More?



“What have you seen,

What have you heard?”

I asked Willow.

She began to shiver,

Cold air weaves

Through her spine.


“All I saw was a letter,

And I heard a voice.

I don’t know

Whose it was

Maybe someone

Who lived here

Long before.

I saw your names

Written on a piece

Of paper,

Maybe a letter.”




Peter shrieked.

“Keep going.”


“Then I saw a


Or alligator,

I couldn’t tell

The difference-”

“Nobody can,

I don’t blame


Zander muttered.




James ordered.


“That’s it,

I can’t remember

Anything else.”


“Are you sure?”

Little Paul asked.


It couldn’t just be

A coincidence.


Wendy had them too.

Peter must know.



Remember that Wendy

Had visions too.

She helped us find

Dad’s letter.”


“Yeah, but she didn’t

Hear anything.

She only saw those




Did you see a letter?”

Little Paul

Asked, again one

Of full hope.

“It might have been.

Here, I’ll write down

What I saw.”



Hidden Away: Chapter 35- Backwards


Dearest James and Peter,

Find her.

She is the answer.

She holds the power,

The oracle…


And the crocodile came


Sluggishly skimmed

The water.


And bang.


I traveled back

In time.

Memories seemed

Black and white.


What is happening?

How is this possible?

Did I pass out?

Why is this happening?



The memories

Drained away.



What’s going on?”


“I don’t know.

Ever since I got into

This treehouse

I’ve had visions…

What the heck?

This is only supposed

To happen in

The movies!”

Everyone looked



“What are movies?”

Zachary finally asked.


“How do you not-”

James cut me off

“You guys,

Let’s get back to

The real problem here.

We don’t know why

The heck Willow’s

Getting there visions

And why is she the

Only one out of all us?”


Hidden Away: Chapter 34- Pardon, Me



“Sorry, hi.





Looked familiar.

Have I met you before?”


“Not that I can recall.”


“How could I have been

So blind?

He had a message

Taped here the

Entire time

Our father!”

Peter screeched.


“Hold on, wait.

How we know

That our father

Wrote this?”

James asked,

Just to be sure.


“Who else,

James? This

Was our father’s


He did all of his

Research here,

Right here!”


“Willow, you alright,

You seemed,

I don’t know,


All of the attention

Was now on me.

I don’t know what

It is,

He looks exactly

Like the boy

In my dreams.


This may seem weird,

But I know I’ve seen him.”

They exchanged

Glances with each



Complete silence.

“I’m positive,

I don’t know

What this means,

If anything.

I’m sorry

This is weird.

You can continue,



I felt too


To speak and

Then another


Another flash

Came before my eyes.


Hidden Away: Chapter 33- Flashes and Flashes


Once I stepped towards

The treehouse,

Images in my mind’s eye

Began to appear.

The ocean,

A splash,


A crash.

An alligator

Or a crocodile

It seems.

His mouth,


And the waves

Still crash.

Flashes and flashes,

They cannot be memories,

But signs,

The future?

My lips meet

His, unknown.

Flashes and flashes,

And then unknown.

I cannot recognize his


But tears seem to


Down those

Freckled cheeks.

My eyes open again.


The boy in my dreams

Stands before me.





He cannot be real,

He cannot be real.



This is my brother



I gasped.


Hidden Away: Chapter 32- A Little Piece of Parchment


“James, you need to come

To the treehouse now!”

Zander exclaimed,

Face flushed

And eyes wide.

“What is it?”

James asked,

Kind of frantic

With dirt smudged

On his nose

And across his


“Hold on. We can’t leave

Willow here alone.”

James said

With great concern.

“Bring her with,

I found something

You need to see now!”

Peter spoke rapidly.

“Fine, I’ll go find her.

Hold on a second.”


“I found this.

I can’t believe I

Missed it.

I can’t believe

We both missed


In dad’s copy

Of the world


He had this

Tapped smack

Dab in the middle

Of the Atlantic ocean,

Page 57.

He pasted it right

Where we are.

How did I miss this?”

“What is it?

A message?”

James asked


James paged

Through the atlas,

Page 57,

He said.

He was right.

A little slip of paper


May the moon

Meet the sun

And the ocean

Currents rise,

Your answer

Will be in the skies.

Golden hair,

And green eyes,

She’ll watch over


And the truth will

Be told.

Give her my love,

Give her my pride.”

A message,

Must father’s handwriting.


“Are you sure this is

Father’s handwriting?”

James asked,


“It has to be,

Who else’s handwriting

Would it be?”


Save Me Twice by E.A. Dustin-Review

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday!

I’ve teamed up once again with Booktasters to bring to you another book review today. Today’s book is Save Me Twice (based on a true story) by E.A. Dustin. So grab a warm beverage, sit back, relax, and enjoy today’s review.


Karl is your average German sixteen year old boy until one day he was forced to join the Schutzstaffel, a paramilitary organization under the command of Adolf Hitler. Karl and his brother Hans were woken up at midnight by the SS and thrust into the world without a choice. Around that time period (the 1920s) German boys ranging from the ages 12 and up were forced to join the Schutzstaffel. Over the course of the story, we follow Karl and his hardships that come with being in the Schutzstaffel and the terrible conditions of war.

We also follow his daughter, Ellie, throughout the story. The story shifts between the two when Karl is sixteen and when Ellie is an adult while Karl is middle aged. Karl developed heart problems and Ellie finally gets to see him after years of being apart. She helps him through his PTSD.

My Thoughts

To be completely honest, I don’t really know anything about World War II going into this book. I only remember the information we were taught in school. So I didn’t know much about the German side of the spectrum. I went into it with an open mind and it surely did help.

I found this book very educational. While reading, I learned so much more about the war that I wouldn’t have known without the help of E.A. Dustin.

The book has a steady pace. There wasn’t any slow parts to the story. It followed a nice rhythm.

I felt very immersed in the story and the writing is very beautiful. The story kept my interest all the way to the end.

I definitely recommend this book to fans of historical fiction and WWI and WWII stories.

Save Me Twice was an enjoyable story and I recommend it to all of you.

I hope you all are doing fabulous and I will talk to you soon.

Happy reading,

Hannah the bookworm


Hidden Away: Chapter 31- Quiet Down!


“What is going on down

Here, fellas?”

“That stupid rat is at it


Michael shouted.

“Just leave it be Michael.

Zander, go find James.

I found something that

He needs to see.”


“Peter, is it about Wendy?”

Zander asked,


A sparkle in his eye


Something we’ve

Been looking for.

For ages.”