Cotton Candy- a poem

I met a boy with hair

the same color as

cotton candy.

Once it was bright pink,

and now it’s bright blue.


His eyes and his smile,

it seems,

are sweet too.


I met a boy

with a voice

as beautiful as

a sunset.

All I could

see were colors

escaping his lips

when he sings.


I met a boy who

always seems happy,

but when he’s alone

at night

he cries.

He wishes he could

do more in the world

even though

he’s reached the

mountain peaks.


I met a boy

in my dreams,

and he has the same

cotton candy colored hair.

I wish to tell him one

day how much he

means to me.

Perhaps in

a different



Across Oceans- a poem

I wish I could travel

across the oceans

in your eyes,

though they may

be brown

as the soil I grew

my love for you,

I’d still swim

to see you.

I’d still tell you

that I loved you.

That I love you.

That’ll never change

the ways

of the wind.

If you hear my voice,

remember that I’m across

the ocean waiting for you.


Summer Haze- a poem

It’s been one of those days

where you live in one of those big summer hazes

hiding from the sun

and feeling undone.

Your pen runs out

and you cannot help but

wonder why

you keep seeing your words

in the sky.

It’s that haze again,

I swear,

like summerallergies

and summersneezes,

your words

follow you home.

I can’t help

but wonder

where you go

once autumn comes around.



Hello! It’s been awhile. I’ve been busy with work and unfortunately that takes some of my inspiration to write poetry and short stories out of my brain. It stinks, but c’est la vie.

Nothing really new has been going on. Working, drinking absurd amounts of chai tea, and trying to find classes for next semester. I applied to an online school and got in so I’m debating whether or not to do part time at the current school I go to and part time at this online school. On top of that work as well…..I’ll try to blog as much as I can. 🙂 The perks of scheduling posts beforehand, amirite?

I missed you guys! How have you been? Ahead of your reading goal? Behind your reading goal? Like me….I’m 8 books behind and I was LITERALLY 10 ahead at the beginning of the year. I need to redeem myself on my week vacation up north.

YAY! Another thing to discuss. I’m going on vacation and my step-sister asked me if she thinks her mom would let her bring her Xbox camping/glamping since we’re staying in a cabin. What do you think? She told me she would only use it if the weathers bad and/or night time.

I personally think that she shouldn’t since we’re only there for a week versus a month and it takes away from the cabining (teehee I just made that up) experience. Though..I’d love to play Skyrim and Sims 4 on my laptop if the weather does get bad.

Anyway, I hope you are guys are doing splendid and please do let me know what your plans are for the rest of the summer..unless it isn’t summer where you guys are..I’d still like to know!

I hope the upcoming week treats you well and I will talk to you guys soon!

Keep on reading,

Hannah the bookworm


Mountain Morning and My New Poem Photos

Hi, everyone! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. I’d like to introduce you guys to my new poem photos! I call them “infopoems” instead of your regular infographic…it’s a poem graphic. I think they’re pretty cool.

I use Canva to use their creative commons designs and text. Sometimes I use my own photos and place their various fonts ontop.

My first poem “Your Favorite Pine Trees” is up on my new writing Instagram @ fablesandteawriting (ignore the space I didn’t want to accidentally tag myself in this post). This infopoem is the second in my “nature and sweet nothings” series. I’ll be posting six poems total but spread out over time on my Instagram and occasionally here as well.

Check out my new Instagram if you please.

Hope you all are well and here is “mountain morning”:

Mountain morning.png


Blue Sea- a poem

I think that I went wrong,

falling in a sea of blue

and drowning in your smile.

You seemed tired

whether it be her or

what the day bring on

your shoulders

but let me relieve your pain,


if you’d let me.


I can help you…


..if you let me.


I can help you one day,

and you’ll see what your

blue sea means to me.


Storm Brewing- a poem

She plucks eyelashes from

her eyes,

and a strand or two of hair.

She brews a storm,

snow flies through your

bedroom window.

The clouds,

they form

above your head

and follow you

wherever it was you went.


She brews revenge

in her cauldron.

Her blackened eyes

and her strained soul

brew a second

pot to-go.


Flower Picking- a poem

Flower picking my way

through fields painted gold

only to find old

parchment paper.


Flower picking through

pages and pages

with not a word

but eraser marks

scribbled where

the eye can hardly



Flower picking through

words and phrases

but nothing seems

to match what I feel.


Flower picking my life


hoping to find

answers between bookshelves

and old Robert Frost

poetry collections.