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Street Lights- a poem

I find comfort under

the street lights

at night,

for the moon

stares at me.

Though I cannot

see him everyday,

I know he’s behind

the clouds watching

over me.


I find comfort in the cool

morning dew drops

for when I fall I can

land amongst

something other

than the dirt.


I find comfort through

the tall oak trees

for I’m able to find

my way home

with their guidance.


Somehow I find myself

looking at the

street lights

for guidance

even though the

moon, the dewdrops.

and the tall oak trees

always offer their help.


Poetry and Updates

Fade Away- a poem

I can’t let you go

when there’s so much at stake,

when everything I seem

to glance at is

destroyed in my wake.

I can’t let your

light fade when I’m

trapped in this cage,

a dark and gloomy place,

no one

on stage.

I try to touch the stars

but the meteors

fall too fast.


I can’t watch you fade away.

Poetry and Updates

Hidden Away: Chapter 20- Just a Dream



After Peter left,

A piercing scream

Echoed throughout

The ship.




I ran down

The steps to

My quarters.


She was shaking,


She screamed again.


“It’s just me, James.


Are you alright?”


“The ship,”

Was all she said.

She still shook.

“Must’ve been

A bad dream.

Do you need

Some water?”


She nodded fiercely.

Zander, a crew member,

Ran to fetch water.


“Don’t worry, you’re safe.

Peter, my brother

Is getting us dinner.

He should be back

Within the hour.”


Zander handed me the pitcher,

She grabbed it

Before I could

Utter another thought.

“Thank you.”

I nodded

And laughed.

You’re welcome.

I’ll be back with

Your dinner.”

I turned the other direction.



I turned back.


Poetry and Updates

What a Surprise

What a surprise it is

to find love

in the smallest bits

of broken glass

and empty tea cups.

Just when

my heart was

torn in two

there you are to

sew it back together

and kiss away

the pain

that once left

me when the

hearts were

the favorite

shape of the nation,

all I could

find were

broken ones.

You’re there to

wipe the tears

from my eyes

and sing the songs

I’ve never heard.

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Droplets-a poem

Her songs are

droplets on his rose petals

those sparkling


pour nowadays.

Yet he cries

everyday not knowing

that those songs

she has written are

about him.


Those teardrops

on ashen cheeks.

A smile once

or twice

but not for long.


and water droplets

bring her to


and those cloudy

skies never

seem to escape

the palace

walls of her mind.


Don’t make me laugh.

Don’t make me cry

he seems to whisper

but two worlds

apart they stand.

Never knowing

one day it’ll

be another

world apart

by then.

Poetry and Updates

One Drop-a poem

One Drop

an original poem by Hannah Stoffield


One little drop

of glitter

and a sweet smile.

She’ll never see

right through

the lies




Did you think

those rosebushes

were as sharp

as the


and your

sideways smile…

..just the same.



like a knife

but sweet

like the


She gave you that rose,

didn’t she?

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Busy Bee..that’s what they call me

Hello my writer friends! Happy Wednesday.

Don’t worry we have a few days left of the week…then we can relax. Deep breaths my friends, deep breaths. 😉

So I’ve been super busy the past few weeks.

Exam week…overall they resulted in decent grades. Rehearsal…we’ve began running all the scenes we’ve blocked in our production of Ragtime. Considering I’m part of the ensemble, I don’t have to go to all of the rehearsals..just a majority of them. That sentence didn’t make sense but oh well.

This is my final semester of high school…whoa. It hit me a few days ago actually. I never thought about life after high school in depth like this since the end of junior year when I was applying for college as such.

I’ve been busy to say the least and I’ve tried to find time to write whenever I get the chance as I posted about last week. But this time I want to help you all with finding time to write as well. I’ve heard from a lot of my teachers and an author that spoke at my library that you have to write everyday. You have to if you want to be a writer.

I mean there will be some days where you can’t write poems or short stories. Writing a little bit everyday will ultimately help. That’s what I’m still learning.

Prompts for a crammed schedule

  1. Write about your day even if it’s only a few sentences
  2. Craft a little poem about someone who made you laugh today
  3. Write an acrostic poem about a friend or family member
  4. Make a list of all the most prominent moments of the day
  5. Make a list of what got you through the day
  6. What are you most thankful for? Write a poem about it
  7. What is your favorite number and why?

I might just have to use these myself.

I hope you all are doing well and don’t stress. Better things are coming your way.

Writing with love,

Hannah the bookworm