Silence For Miles-A Poem from Hidden

The crash of waves,

Silence for miles,

The wind smacking my face,

The world finally at peace.

Silence for miles,

Until, “Sir!

There’s something washed up on shore!”

I look out at the port.

A girl,

With sparkling blonde hair.

Her eyes closed.

It doesn’t look like she’s



Pull the Jolly Rodger to shore!

She needs our help.”
Here’s another poem from my book. The link is pasted on the side. Feel free to check it out if you like.

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I’m sending all of my love and prayers to London. I’m so sorry to hear about this. We cannot let these things happen. Something needs to be done.

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A Poem from Hidden: A Little Island

In dreams I used to play

In the sand this island.

A little island abandoned and quiet,

Out of everyone’s sight.

The dreams became recurring

To the point I called the island

My second home.

The island seemed to whisper

My name.


Come and play….


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