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Secrets of a Broken Heart by Lee Mertens- Review

Hi, everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve done a book review. I’m glad to be back in action!

The lovely Lee Mertens reached out to me to review her poetry collection Secrets of a Broken Heart. I’m so excited to share my thoughts with you!

Secrets of a Broken Heart is a confession of heartbreak that everyone would be able to understand. Mertens ponders at feeling uninspired and unmotivated in life. This poetry collection is a song from the heart, a beautiful confession and in ways I no longer feel alone when reading.

I absolutely adore this poetry collection. Merten’s writing is so genuine and real I can really empathize with her writing and her feelings.

This poetry collection was a quick and enjoyable read. Mertens really draws you in and I did not want to stop reading. I hope for another collection in the near future.

Overall, I give this collection a 5/5 stars.

If you enjoyed The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace and Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell, you will without a doubt enjoy Secrets of a Broken Heart by Lee Mertens.

I hope you enjoyed! I’ll talk to you soon!

Love always,

Hannah the bookworm


Gone Cold

The darkness has knocked on

my door again

and asked for a cup

of tea

with a teaspoon of blood,

though the blood in

my veins has frozen

in my veins.

I say I have nothing

to offer

so he takes

my voice away.

The world goes

silent for a while

and the darkness leaves

without taking a single


I’ve gone cold

they say

and nothing can

warm the blood

running through my veins.

I’ve gone cold,

they say

and the darkness

is to blame.

The way he

walks down the street

with his head down

staring at the pavement

and mocking me





My Lost Way

The clouds move faster than they used to.

The days go by quicker

and I tend to forget what

what I had for breakfast that morning.

The bags under my eyes grow

darker and the cups of

coffee I drink

grow larger,

my dreams diminished.

I don’t know

what to do


The world outside

my window looks different

and I don’t know what it is.

It’s as if someone edited

my life with a black

and white filter

and I can’t remove it.

Where did all those

dreams go?

The warm ones

I stored on my bed side



The ones I used to know so well.


A Void

There seems to be

a void nowadays.

It eats up

my scribbled papers

and the brightness

of the night stars.

There seems to be something missing.

Isn’t there always?

The words I write


they disappear

from the page

as if they weren’t there

in the first place.

Someone told me that

they weren’t mine

in the first place.

Who are they to tell me

they aren’t my own?

After all,

I fill the void

with my words.

I couldn’t have it

any other way.


Cotton Candy- a poem

I met a boy with hair

the same color as

cotton candy.

Once it was bright pink,

and now it’s bright blue.


His eyes and his smile,

it seems,

are sweet too.


I met a boy

with a voice

as beautiful as

a sunset.

All I could

see were colors

escaping his lips

when he sings.


I met a boy who

always seems happy,

but when he’s alone

at night

he cries.

He wishes he could

do more in the world

even though

he’s reached the

mountain peaks.


I met a boy

in my dreams,

and he has the same

cotton candy colored hair.

I wish to tell him one

day how much he

means to me.

Perhaps in

a different


Poetry and Updates

Street Lights- a poem

I find comfort under

the street lights

at night,

for the moon

stares at me.

Though I cannot

see him everyday,

I know he’s behind

the clouds watching

over me.


I find comfort in the cool

morning dew drops

for when I fall I can

land amongst

something other

than the dirt.


I find comfort through

the tall oak trees

for I’m able to find

my way home

with their guidance.


Somehow I find myself

looking at the

street lights

for guidance

even though the

moon, the dewdrops.

and the tall oak trees

always offer their help.



Across Oceans- a poem

I wish I could travel

across the oceans

in your eyes,

though they may

be brown

as the soil I grew

my love for you,

I’d still swim

to see you.

I’d still tell you

that I loved you.

That I love you.

That’ll never change

the ways

of the wind.

If you hear my voice,

remember that I’m across

the ocean waiting for you.