The Lonely Town, Two Towns Over Part 2: You Can’t Bring Me Home

You were that golden ticket

With those green eyes

And soothing voice

That lulled me to sleep

Even though I was wide awake

Wondering if the world

Would ever

Stop complaining

About the black holes

In their shoes

And tares in their heartstrings.

God knows how we’re still living.


Everytime I walk down those

Lonely streets at

Night I wonder as if

You can see me with

My hands in my pockets

And a tear stained scarf

Outside that blood stained


Those lifeless souls that

Will never see the light

Of day ever again.


You broke me back to

That lonely town

Just to remind me

Of what I missed

And what I left behind.

I could’ve gone to that

School if my

Parents hadn’t move

Two towns down

And I could’ve been

All yours if


I just waited.


You can’t bring me back home

Because you destroyed

It with

Your somber songs

And that black


Beating in your chest.

I’m not surprised.

I thought she was the

Apple in your

Eye until

You strangled her down

To the rotten core.


To the rotten core.


Did it feel the same

You split me in half

You cut out my insides

And ate them for



Thanks for nothing

Never reading

The messages

That I screamed in pain,

You didn’t even notice.


You fool!

You selfish fool!


Oh how I wish I could’ve been

There when finally

Your hopes and

Dreams came tumbling down

Just like mine did.

You lost me in

A field

Of broken hearts

Mine shattered to bits

And taped

Back together


And over



How all of the tape in your drawer,

None of it ended up

To piece my broken heart.


You tore out my heartstrings

And no

I’m not exaggerating

When I say

You can’t bring me back

Home to the


You hide in my closet

Because my demons

Have the same face
As your’s.




A little more dramatic than the other half *laughing emoji*.

Thank you for reading and I’ll write to you tomorrow.

-Hannah the bookworm


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