That Lonely Town, Two Towns Over Part 1: Bring Me Back Home

Part 1: Bring Me Back Home

I left home one year

and left my life

next to Lake Michigan


Two towns over now

my grandmother’s house

would stand.

No longer I could

walk to her house



When I saw you

down the street one night

sitting at your doorstep

and singing under your breath

and slowly faded

into a make believe place.


Bring me back home

you seemed to say

if it’s your childhood home

and me

you want

leap forward in time

to the cobblestone streets

and when our eyes would meet.


I’ll bring you back home

and the years would pass

with you in my arms

and finally you,

where you belong.


Write about me

some day,

my dear,

and those poems

would bring you back home.


Then I realize

you’re not at home.

You’ve crossed oceans

with your heart

on your sleeve

and your hands in your pockets.

You miss that

small town

and those dreary days

but the ocean

would still

call you back to America.


I wrote this about a guy I used to like. Believe or not I write most of my poetry about love…but this time I incorporated the fact that he lives back in my old childhood town. Lol..I worded that oddly.

This poem is a few months old. I wrote the second part (I’ll be posting that within the next few days.) a few weeks ago. The tone completely shifts..beware!

Happy Sunday! Get lots of rest before the week ahead and keep writing!!

Much love,

Hannah the bookworm



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