Little Drops of Ink-a poem


not a soul in sight.

A soft breeze

and a little pond

to the side.



they spiral

and twirl

longing to swim away,

too deep.


Little drops of ink cover

her fingers,

she’s been writing all day.


She dreams of adventure,

they say,

she dreams of the

far off lands

she writes about

in her tattered notebook

covered in scribbles

and scrabbles.


She cannot go

far as the moon,

but her ideas

and fantasies

shine bright as the sun.


As she makes her way

through the forest

all of their eyes are

on her.

The crows,

the sparrows,

their beady eyes

like lasers in the shade.



she keeps walking,

she means no harm.

She wants that adventure.

Where to look

and where to find it,

brings her to

the second hand bookshop

on 2nd street.


The light dim,

the fragrant smell

of coffee

hugs her close,

a smile on her face.

She knows where to look.


Those little drops of ink.


I wrote this poem a while ago. I even posted it here on WordPress when I had my old blog. It’s nostalgic looking back at my old poems. I’m trying to recover those feelings and emotions I felt by reading this poem over.

I don’t remember what I was thinking or when I wrote it, but the imagery reminds me of one of my favorite bookstores.

Stay tuned for another blog post tomorrow. I have a huge update.

Thank you so much for reading, my bookish friends! Talk to you soon!

-Hannah the bookworm


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