I’ll Find My Way-a poem

I’ll find my way through

these shards of


and pieces

of my broken heart

without your help.

Stay away before

I lose what is left of my mind.


You hurt my fragile heart

and sliced it in half

with your cunning smile

and that stare.

How vacant your eyes seem now.

How numb my fingers fell

when I write these poems

about you.




what more am I?

Just a follower

or bystander

these hardships

and crimes.


If you dare

come near

my heart again

you’ll be sorry

you ever sang

my name again.


Close your eyes


it’s just a bad drea-

Nope it’s reality.


Hey, everyone. Here’s my poem inspired by the weird event I wrote about in my last blog post. Thank you reading everyone!

I’ll talk to you all soon.

-Hannah the bookworm


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