The Wonders of Exam Week

Good morning, my fellow writers!

How has your week been going?

It’s exam week at my school, which entails a messed up sleep schedule, light backpack, and open campus study breaks.

I have two exams left for this semester! Yay! It’s been a really weird week to say to least. I’ve showed up with my fuzzy snowman blanket and wore slippers to my first two exams. Oh, the wonders of exam week 🙂

Exam week also means that my time spent writing is minimal. Same goes with reading. 😦 I’ve managed to get some time to read for pleasure outside of school. Studying makes my head hurt after a while so I decided to pick up The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson.

I remember watching one of Sasha Alsberg’s (abookutopia on YouTube) videos and she mentioned how much she liked it. I decided to pick that up along with the Splintered series by A. G. Howard from the library. Yup, all three books were there! I got lucky lol.

I don’t have to be at school for another 40 minutes due to me not having a first exam. I’m planning on posting a poem from my book on here following this post.

Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading my fellow writers and bookworms.

Happy writing,

Hannah the bookworm


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