Memories in a Jar-an original poem

To say the least
I’ve grown taller,
higher than that
rusted old swing set

Would stand
What was once mine

Passed onto them to
make new memories
but layered with mine.

My memories in a jar,
flutter around like
fireflies and butterflies
that I caught
In an old tea cup,
but eventually had to let go.

Those evergreen trees
and scrapes on my knees.
Better yet
climbing the
ladder to my shed
and one
day camping
out in my backyard.

Tents and tears
and all those dreams
I threw away
but came back to me.
Those heartstrings
are the strings on
my guitar
and your eyes
are the songs
I sing.
And those birds,
I helped them fly
with ripped out
pages and songs
on those outdoor
stages that
eventually were carved into the wood.

Did you ever guess
those songs were about you
Or how you
lifted me off
the ground
and into the clouds

You found the child
In me again.

Those memories
plucked from the jar
until nothing was
left to remember
but the smile on your lips
and hands in mine.

Did I make you smile?
Because you made
me smile
when I saw
those butterflies
leave that jar on a
summer’s morning.
A gift
to cherish.


Those dreams came back again,

And I have you to thank

For sewing

The wings on my back

And teaching me how

To fly to places I would’ve never



Hey, guys. Thanks for reading. I wrote this poem last night when I was super tired and thinking about old times. Lol, that’s what happens when I’m tired. I guess 🙂

As promised here are places where you can find my book Hidden-the Story of the Only Lost Girl by your’s truly!

Fictionpress: Hidden-the Story of the Only Lost Girl

Wattpad: Hidden-the Story of the Only Lost Girl

(I was having problems with my links. I’ll post them in the next update.)

Thanks for reading everyone and I’ll talk to you soon!

Happy writing,

Hannah the bookworm




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